Goodbye Bruce Bowen

6 Sep
Bowen announces retirement on Thursday.

Bowen announces retirement on Thursday.


Known as one of the top defenders of his era, Bruce Bowen of the San Antonio Spurs officially announced his retirement from the NBA on September 3, 2009. Stats will not justify what a superb player he was, yet many fans will remembr Bowen as one of the best denfenders in NBA history while others will say he was a “cheap shot artist.”

Playing along side with San Antonio superstar Tim Duncan, rising point guard Tony Parker and international superstar Manu Ginovili, he was a key player in winning 3 championship rings in 2003, 2005, and 2007. He scored only 5,290 points in his career and never averaged  more than 8.2 in a season. Although he was not a great  scorer, he is most known as a lock-down defender. He defended major players such as Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, and other top primeter shooters. Despite his lack of offense, Bowen has developed into a tremendous 3-point clutch shooter for the Spurs.

Making his NBA debut with the Miami Heats on a 10 day contract, Bowen played 1 minute with only 1 block. He was then signed by the Boston Celtics from 1997 til 1998. He then signed with the Philedelphia 76ers in the following season where he was immediately traded back to the Heats. In the season following, he finally found a home with the San Antonio Spurs.

After 12 seasons in the NBA, Bowen retired at age 38. He feels as if he has made a name in San Antonio Spurs francise after having the team pick up young superstar such as Richard Jefferson to replace his position. He feels like his San Antonio days are over and retirement was the right choice.


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