19.2 Pound Indonesian Baby!

28 Sep

This past Monday, a baby weighing 19.2 pounds (8.7kg) was born to a woman named Muhammad Akbar Risuddin in Indonesia. The giant baby-boy is about three times the average weight of a normal newborn. He is now officially the heaviest and largest baby born in the country.

The Giant Baby lies next to a normal-sized newborn.

The Giant Baby lies next to a normal-sized newborn.

 “I was very surprised. I thought it was twins,” said Binsar Sitanggang, the lead doctor in the cesarean-section delivery at Abdul Manan Hospital in North Sumatra. The baby had to be provided oxygen to overcome breathing problems initially, but he is reported healthy now. The boy now has an enormous appetite and needs to be fed constantly.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the mother had gestational diabetes (when a mother developes diabetes during pregnancy) which causes a build up of insulin resistance. As a result, the baby’s pancreas must create more insulin which will in turn result in a fat baby.

This baby-boy has already became the talk of the nation and even the mayor came to see this newborn and had the honor of naming the boy after himself on Friday.

“This baby boy is extraordinary; the way he’s crying is not like an usual baby,” said doctor Sitanggang.


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