“Why Is It Hip to be a White Chick In China”

10 Nov

Paleness is popular in China (Image credit: 27.cn)

The Sisters of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. from the UAlbany Greek Community will be hosting one of their many workshops this upcoming Thursday. The workshop is titled “Why Is it Hip to be a White Chick in China.” Definitely a catchy name if you ask me.

As we all know, the American trend is basically the darker the better. Many people, especially the younger generation, value darkness and sees it as an expression of sexuality. Hillary Lin, a tanning addict says “it just feels good to be dark. I think I look better this way.” A lot of these perceptions are often caused by the media. Television shows always portray happy beautiful girls who are dark, usually with fake tans. Even celebrities in this country are spotted sporting artificially tanned skin.

Lindsay Lohan's before and after tan (Image Credit: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

In a country like China however, paleness is equal to beautiful. They value the pale colored skin because it is traditionally believed that if someone is pale, that means they have status and their families are rich. “Only poor people are dark because they have to go out and work” says Yi Ling Wu, a woman of the older generation who lived most of her life in China.

To learn more about the pale/dark preferences in the United States and China, you might want to stop by the Business building room 224 at 7:30pm on Thursday. There will also be a discussion panel on this issue.

Whitening Commercial shown in China:


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