Vogue’s Most Fashionable Celebs In 2009

24 Jan
1. Alexa Chung (She is a television host and model in the UK. She’s not big on brand-names but instead, loves to mix and match vintage clothing. She recently started to host the MTV station here in America.)

Alexa Chung. (Image Credit: wesewfashion.files.wordpress.com)

2. Audrey Tautou (She’s the face of Chanel No.5)

Audrey Tautou (Image Credit: Stylebakery.com)

3. Sarah Jessica Parker (Her fashion is not only stylish in Sex and the City, it reflects her personal style as well.)

Sarah Jessica Parker (Image Credit: Google Images)

4. Cheryl Cole (UK sure has style. Cheryl Cole is a member of the band Girls Aloud.)

Cheryl Cole (Image Credit: fashionista.vg)

5. Dannii Minogue (Judge on The X-Factor and Australia’s Got Talent)

Dannii Minogue (Image Credit: Google Images)

6. Emma Watson (She has grown so much since the Harry Potter Movies. She is definitely a new style icon.)

Emma Watson (Image Credit: Teamsugar.com)

7. Sienna Miller (Actress, model and fashion designer, Miller is on the style charts yet again.)

Sienna Miller (Image Credit: Iheartthat.com)

8. Diane Kruger (German actress who starred in movies such as Troy and National Treasure.)

Diane Kruger (Image Credit: Standardsocial.com)

9. Freida Pinto (Rising actress who starred in Slumdog Millionaire.

Freida Pinto (Image Credits: Stylebakery.com)

10. Kate Moss (She has always been a style icon. It’s no suprise that she made the charts in 2009.)

Kate Moss (Image Credit: Hipgirlie.com)

*** My personal favorite from these top 10 would have to be Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole. Damn I love fashionistas!


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