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Style Crush: Emma Watson

26 Feb

This girl is just so damn stylish! I just can’t help it but admire her outfit at every event that she attends. She’s grown so much since her first Harry Potter days, and she’s only getting hotter. Here is proof that she’s a major style icon:

She looks fabulous both casual and during special events. I think I need to shop for basic pieces such as blazers and t-shirts to go for the casual Emma look!


Forever21 Wishlist

23 Feb

So I’ve been on shopping ban for the past few months because I need to save money for something really important. I mean I still went shopping like once or twice but it’s definitely better than how I was last semester. Still, I can’t help but look around. Sometimes I would just add the items to cart and not check out. It’s like a small way to satisfy myself. I know I must sound weird.

I did not get everything from my last wishlist. I got maybe half the stuff I wanted because everything else was a bit pricier and I can’t afford it at the moment. Argg… broke college student.

Anyway, here’s another list of items I want from forever21:

Beaded Ruffle Woven Top $27.80

Pearl Trimmed Top w/ Bow $9.80

Wild Leopard Halter Top $17.80

Corduroy Floral Spaghetti Top $15.80

Removable Pin Cardigan $15.80

Sequin Panel Sweater Top $22.80

Strapless Knit Zip Dress $19.80

Linen Dreams Pleated Dress $24.80

Rosy Avant-Garde Skirt $15.80

Printed Woven Pleat Skirt $17.80

Deanne Suedette Boot $29.80

Plump Pumps $24.80

Heeled Ankle Bootie $27.80

Faux Leather Cinched Bootie $27.80

The last pair of shoes was in my previous wishlist that I still have not purchased. Maybe I’ll get around to it with my Chinese New Year money. I think I’m going to make a beauty wishlist soon too. But this is it for now. I’m supposed to be writing my paper. *sigh* Blogging is my way of procrastinating.

Addicted to Nail Polish

5 Feb

I have an addiction to nail polish. Ever since the beginning of last year I’ve acquired an addiction to nail polish. I love having pretty nails and I can’t stand people with chipped nail polish. I never paint my whole nail in one shade of color though. I love french manicure of any color! I know the traditional one is white but I like it in all different colors. I have’t updated for a while, so here is my nails for the past 3 weeks. Enjoy! =]

Week 1 Nails

Week 2 Nails

What I have on right now. The lavender is from O.P.I.

Close up. I kind of messed up on it.

Oh and since we’re here anyways I’ll show you my outfit of the day. It’s a lazy friday for me since I have no class.

My pink robe that I've had since forever. I know I look bummy.

Don’t worry though. I am going to a party tonight. I can’t waste a perfectly good day now can I? =]