Addicted to Nail Polish

5 Feb

I have an addiction to nail polish. Ever since the beginning of last year I’ve acquired an addiction to nail polish. I love having pretty nails and I can’t stand people with chipped nail polish. I never paint my whole nail in one shade of color though. I love french manicure of any color! I know the traditional one is white but I like it in all different colors. I have’t updated for a while, so here is my nails for the past 3 weeks. Enjoy! =]

Week 1 Nails

Week 2 Nails

What I have on right now. The lavender is from O.P.I.

Close up. I kind of messed up on it.

Oh and since we’re here anyways I’ll show you my outfit of the day. It’s a lazy friday for me since I have no class.

My pink robe that I've had since forever. I know I look bummy.

Don’t worry though. I am going to a party tonight. I can’t waste a perfectly good day now can I? =]


8 Responses to “Addicted to Nail Polish”

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