Forever21 Wishlist

23 Feb

So I’ve been on shopping ban for the past few months because I need to save money for something really important. I mean I still went shopping like once or twice but it’s definitely better than how I was last semester. Still, I can’t help but look around. Sometimes I would just add the items to cart and not check out. It’s like a small way to satisfy myself. I know I must sound weird.

I did not get everything from my last wishlist. I got maybe half the stuff I wanted because everything else was a bit pricier and I can’t afford it at the moment. Argg… broke college student.

Anyway, here’s another list of items I want from forever21:

Beaded Ruffle Woven Top $27.80

Pearl Trimmed Top w/ Bow $9.80

Wild Leopard Halter Top $17.80

Corduroy Floral Spaghetti Top $15.80

Removable Pin Cardigan $15.80

Sequin Panel Sweater Top $22.80

Strapless Knit Zip Dress $19.80

Linen Dreams Pleated Dress $24.80

Rosy Avant-Garde Skirt $15.80

Printed Woven Pleat Skirt $17.80

Deanne Suedette Boot $29.80

Plump Pumps $24.80

Heeled Ankle Bootie $27.80

Faux Leather Cinched Bootie $27.80

The last pair of shoes was in my previous wishlist that I still have not purchased. Maybe I’ll get around to it with my Chinese New Year money. I think I’m going to make a beauty wishlist soon too. But this is it for now. I’m supposed to be writing my paper. *sigh* Blogging is my way of procrastinating.


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