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Boredom Calls For Blogging Frenzy

28 Mar

I know it’s Spring Break and all and I’m supposed to be out having the time of my life. But if you look out the window you can see what a shitty day it is outside and it is Sunday, which means family day where I’m supposed to stay home and chill with the fam. My daddy is laying on his bed talking to me about how the world will not end in 2012. Whew.. what a big relieve right? Except I still think we’re all going to die. Whatever.

If you ever notice, I never post my outfits the day that I wear it. It usually takes me a while to upload the pictures. So here is another outfit I wore the day I came home for Spring Break:

Blazer: Forever21
Studded Tank Top: Forever21
Dark Skinny Jeans: Forever21
Black Flat not shown: Aldo Shoes

Also since I loved the Nicole by O.P.I nail polish so much last time, I got another one. This time I got “A Hint of Mint” which is a pretty green minty color.

Oh and I came across this while browsing online….

It’s a Hello Kitty mansion! I would totally live in it! It’s soooooo cute!


It’s Like Christmas All Over Again.

28 Mar

Home sweet home! I’m back in Queens for Spring Break! Whooo. When I came home there were 3 packages waiting for me on my bed. I love how every time I come home I always have packages waiting for me. I feel like a little kid on Christmas day tearing through them. They missed my Forever21 package! They had to send it back because I was not here to sign for the delivery. What bullshit is this… it usually gets to my house fine.

Anyway, I’m very very very satisfied with my order. Initially I was super worried because I don’t like buying shoes online. But these were wonderful!

The first pair is a pair of gold pumps. It’s a little too high for me and kind of hard to walk in but hopefully I’ll still put it into good use.

Then I got these tanned/chestnut colored booties. This is a color I’ve been looking for. They’re really cute and I really like them. They’re comfortable too.

Next are my favorite…. black boots. My other suede pair got ruined in the rain. I decided to buy a leather looking pair this time. Let’s hope they last longer. They look super cute with my leather jacket.

I also got a package from They are makeup ranging from $.99 – $5. Overall it’s really cheap makeup and the quality is not bad. I got these when they were having a 50% off sale. So each item were only like $.50. So it was a great steal!

I’m not sure if I would use everything because I really just like buying them. I think I have a whole basket full of stuff that’s brand new that I have not even used yet. I might do a giveaway during the summer so look out for that.

Next up is the Sephora package. I used my giftcard from Jane for this one. Thanks babe!

I only ordered 4 items since the lipsticks were quite expensive like $12 each. I’m very excited to try the blue shadow maybe when I get together with my girls this week. It’s sparkly and I never really try sparkly eyeshadows.

Here are the colors of the 2 lipsticks I got:

The one on the left is a pretty nude color. And you all know how much I love baby pinks so the one on the right is a sparkly baby pink.

That’s it for my packages. I can’t wait to try everything out. I’m very sad that my Forever21 package has not arrived and have to be sent back. I will call customer service and see what’s up with it.

That’s all for now… everyone enjoy your Spring Breaks! =]

Life is Good. Real Good.

24 Mar

I did well on my presentation today! I was very prepared I must say and even though I was so nervous that my hands were beginning to cold-sweat, I spoke calmly. Whoooo. Now that’s over and done with, I just have to finish this 6 page paper I’m working on right now and then I will be ready for Spring Break.

I’m hitting the beach next week with my besties. I know it’s still going to be cold but we are just going to chill and hang out like we always do. Nothing matters because when it comes to them, I always have a good time.

Anyways, here’s my outfit of the day:

I love belts because they really do wonders for me. My waist looks slimmer with the help of a belt and it just makes the whole outfit more proportional. The legging and tank-top is from Forever21. The cardigan looking thing is from Charlotte Russe. I forgot where I got the belt but I think it was in Hong Kong. The total of this outfit is probably no more than $35.

This is so cute:

I wanted to blog again because it’s my way of procracination. Haha. Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter @Aimeehx3

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman.”  – Mary Kay Ashe