Life is Good. Real Good.

24 Mar

I did well on my presentation today! I was very prepared I must say and even though I was so nervous that my hands were beginning to cold-sweat, I spoke calmly. Whoooo. Now that’s over and done with, I just have to finish this 6 page paper I’m working on right now and then I will be ready for Spring Break.

I’m hitting the beach next week with my besties. I know it’s still going to be cold but we are just going to chill and hang out like we always do. Nothing matters because when it comes to them, I always have a good time.

Anyways, here’s my outfit of the day:

I love belts because they really do wonders for me. My waist looks slimmer with the help of a belt and it just makes the whole outfit more proportional. The legging and tank-top is from Forever21. The cardigan looking thing is from Charlotte Russe. I forgot where I got the belt but I think it was in Hong Kong. The total of this outfit is probably no more than $35.

This is so cute:

I wanted to blog again because it’s my way of procracination. Haha. Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter @Aimeehx3

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman.”  – Mary Kay Ashe


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