Boredom Calls For Blogging Frenzy

28 Mar

I know it’s Spring Break and all and I’m supposed to be out having the time of my life. But if you look out the window you can see what a shitty day it is outside and it is Sunday, which means family day where I’m supposed to stay home and chill with the fam. My daddy is laying on his bed talking to me about how the world will not end in 2012. Whew.. what a big relieve right? Except I still think we’re all going to die. Whatever.

If you ever notice, I never post my outfits the day that I wear it. It usually takes me a while to upload the pictures. So here is another outfit I wore the day I came home for Spring Break:

Blazer: Forever21
Studded Tank Top: Forever21
Dark Skinny Jeans: Forever21
Black Flat not shown: Aldo Shoes

Also since I loved the Nicole by O.P.I nail polish so much last time, I got another one. This time I got “A Hint of Mint” which is a pretty green minty color.

Oh and I came across this while browsing online….

It’s a Hello Kitty mansion! I would totally live in it! It’s soooooo cute!


One Response to “Boredom Calls For Blogging Frenzy”

  1. batman April 3, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    first off its relief, not relieve. second, did u sleep with daddy? haha.

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