Bring Me Warmth Like This

8 Apr

Such nice weather these past two days! If only I didn’t have class back to back to back then maybe I could’ve been outside getting a nice tan like all those girls sitting in Collins Circle. Grrr. I actually have a few outfit posts to make this time because I slack off too much during Spring Break and I’m always late with the updates.

So let’s start with an outfit from last week:

Leather Jacket: Express
Tank Top (Inside): Forever21
Cardigan (Inside): BeBe
Jeans: Forever21
Boots: Cutesygirl
Scarf: Pashmina
Bag: New York & Company

It was still pretty cold out last week during my Spring Break that’s why there’s so much layering. I swear I’m not crazy. Those were the boots I blogged about last week and I’ve actually only wore it this once since the weather is getting too hot out for them. Although I heard that this weekend will go back down to the 50s.

But while the weather is still nice I will take advantage of it. Here’s what I wore yesterday in the 85 degree weather:

Tank Top: Forever21
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: Forever21
Tights: Hong Kong
Scarf: Pashmina

I really love skirts and I have an obessession with them. Sometimes I would buy them just to have them. I have a lot that I have never wore so maybe they will make their debut this summer. =]

Last but not least, here is my nails for the week! Well actually the past 2 weeks because I was so lazy.

The color is called “Spit Fire” by PureIce. I don’t have a picture of it so maybe I’ll show you next time.

It’s time to register for next semester’s classes already. Time really past by so quickly. I just pray that economy will get better by 2011 so I can find a job when I graduate. Okay… off to sign up for classes. Toodles!


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