Peace is an individual conquest; it has never been a deed of the masses.

21 Apr

The above quote is from Armando Cosani.

Feeling at peace at the moment. It’s great to have this feeling especially after being so overwhelmed the whole day. I swear I’m about to go insane. There’s an endless amounts of projects and presentations waiting for me to complete. The most trouble I’m having is actually this multimedia journalism piece that I’m working on.

I went from having a ton of ideas for my project to being turned down multiple times. The more I go on like this the more I think that I’m just not cut out for this career. It’s so hard for me to go out there and get the story. I have exactly ONE week left to create an entire website including all the elements of an article: major article, 2 side bar articles, photo gallery, video and footage, and sound slides. Ahhhhh… just kill me now!

 I’m feeling rather dull lately. Someone needs to put the colors back in my life. Maybe after next week when I go home I will feel better. Anyway, here’s an outfit post that reflects my mood.

Tank-Top: American Eagle
Leggings: Forever21
Cardigan: H&M

Okay… I have to stop procrastinating now. Back to my paper. =]


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