Fridays Are Days For Comfort

7 May

Yes! I finally made it to Friday. I was going crazy not letting myself blog. Hahah. I have one more final next Tuesday and then I’m saying goodbye to Junior year! Whoo. =]

I woke up around 6 this morning to do some last-minute studying. Since it’s Friday I dressed comfy to go to my final. Fridays are always days for comfort after a long week so I usually opt for leggings.

Top: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Leggings: Forever21
Belt: New York & Company

So recently someone close to me has been going through some relationship turmoil. It made me think back to my own relationships in the past. He tells me how much he loves his girlfriend, yet they fight all the time. In my opinion, I think fighting is healthy. However, the way they fight and the numbers of times they fight are crazy. That, is not healthy at all.

In my first real relationship (the first one that counts), I remember fighting all the time and how much I can’t let it go and the two of us would continuously break up and get back together. It was to the point where I was just burnt out from it all. When we finally decided to end things once and for all, I thought I would never be able to find another love like that. But I was wrong.

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship for a long time, you think you’re so in love with someone and that’s the person you want to spend forever with. I used to believe in forever, but after what I’ve experienced and seen around me, forever is just not plausible. I believe in destiny, that everyone has a soulmate. The way I see it, that still doesn’t mean the soulmates can be together forever. It’s love, but love doesn’t have to be eternity.

So I told my friend that sometimes you can love someone, but you might find someone who you love even more later on down the road. I know I did. I’m with someone now who I love more than anyone I’ve loved before. I don’t know if we can be “forever” but I love him now and that’s all it matters. If you fight so much with someone, in the end of the day even if you make up that day, you’re going no-where because it will all start again tomorrow.

I hope my friend finds what he wants and work things out whether it be a break up or giving it another go.

=]Okay sorry for such a long post this time. I need to take a nap now. Toodles. =]


One Response to “Fridays Are Days For Comfort”

  1. emily May 8, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    i like that shade of blue =]
    you have really grown up! yay.

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