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Time Square Never Cease To Amaze Me

29 Jun

I saw these when I was walking to the new Forever21 in Time Square and thought they were just fabulous!

I think they’re doing some kind of project and having a fashion show in July. Maybe I’ll look it up and go check it out.

When I get bored… I go shopping. Lately, I’ve been doing a little too much of that. Seriously, my bank account is NOT looking good. Yet I still constantly find things that I want and just “got to have it.” I’ve been eyeing a few pairs of wedges and booties and I don’t know if I should just splurge and get them. I even dreamed that I was wearing them the other night. (I’m not crazy.) I’m going to make a wishlist on my next post.

P.S – I really need a new camera.
P.P.S – I need a thrift store shopping buddy while Emily is going back to China for 3 weeks.
P.P.P.S – Anyone have any ideas for an adventure please let me know.


A Little Nature Does A Lot Of Good

25 Jun

This is kind of a continuation post from the previous one since these pictures were taken the same day. I Just wanted the outfit post to be separate. =] Most of these are taken by my cousin Emily.

This one is edited by Emily and I really like it.

Polka Dotted Blouse: The Limited
Shoes: Qupid (High but quite comfortable)
Bag: Thrifted

And one with my daddy since I didn't put one up for Father's Day.

Bonito Japanese Cuisine

25 Jun

I went to Freeport the other day with Emily and my daddy and some of his friends for “real sushi.” The place is called “Bonito Japanese Cuisine” like the title of my post. It was seriously beautiful there although there were a slight stench of fish when we first arrived. We got to seat under one of those huge umbrellas and it was like somewhat of a “V.I.P” area since we knew the boss. The weather was gorgeous and the food was definitely yum! I recommend it for a date. I want to go back there with my boyfriend soon.

We were eating out-doors so the view was spectacular.

It’s always nice to spend some time with my daddy. Good food is definitely a plus.

The sushi was very fresh. I love avocado.

Fried Calamari

Fried Tuna

sashimi on a wooden boat

Emily's Vanilla fried ice cream and my Read Bean fried ice cream.

I’m going to do my outfit of the day on another post because I want to concentrate on just the food in this post. Hope you enjoyed all the food porn. =]