Oh Silly Silly Me…

8 Jun

So an update on my “lost” camera. Haha. Turns out I didn’t really lose it. I was picking out an outfit from my closet yesterday and guess what?! It fell out of the sky!! (my closet to be exact.) I must have been really drunk that night at Monkey’s birthday. However… I still need a new one. The high impact fall from my closet caused major damage and crakage in my poor pink baby. So it’s time for her to retire since she has been with me for almost 4 years now. Camera suggestions anyone? I’m thinking Canon.

Outfit post from a few days back. And nails of the week. =] The nail color is E.L.F’s Desert Haze which I don’t particularly like…

I’m thinking about getting this hat, what do you think? Does it have that cow girl/ rich bitch on a beach feel?

If anyone ever ask me who are the most important people in my life besides my family and boyfriend.. here they are:

P.S. Lakers must win tonight!!


One Response to “Oh Silly Silly Me…”

  1. Dana June 10, 2010 at 12:15 pm #

    free bubble tea again? :P<3

    ps. i love you

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