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You’re So Amazing, Just the Way You Are

26 Sep

Arrrggg… I’m currently studying for my first Special Education exam. And no, I’m not planning to teach special ed; I just want to learn about it because it sounded interesting. Although, I would say I do have experience with disabled people. Anyway, so I’m studying and studying, but all I can think about is blogging (like always). So here I am…

I wore this outfit one of the days last week. I told you I got them all piled up just like my workload. haha.

(T-Shirt: Uniqlo, Jeans: PacSun, Blazer: BCBG, Booties: Cutesygirl)

By the way, I’ve been kind of emo lately. So if you see me and I don’t look so happy please don’t annoy me or piss me off. Thanks. Do say hi though. 🙂


McDonalds Sweet Tea

23 Sep

Just a quick post on the outfit I wore last weekend when I went thrifting with Emily.

(Theory Blazer, H&M Scarf, Thrifted Belt, Random Jeans, Aldo Flats, NY&Co Bag)

By the way, I’m going thrifting in Albany for the first time tomorrow! I’m very excited. I’ll tell you guys how it goes. 🙂

The Sky In All Shades of Darkness

21 Sep

I’m accumulating outfit pictures like whoa. I look at my folder and there are tons of pictures I uploaded recently but haven’t had the time to sort out. Busy busy busy… so busy. Why am I so freaking busy? I don’t even know where all the time goes. I don’t feel like I’m busy.. but I look at the time and the next thing you know it’s like 12AM midnight. This scenario repeats itself almost every night. It makes me feel terribly guilty when I don’t blog for a while.

So I started my writing blog… which I believe I talked about a few entries back. I only wrote 2 entries so far and still looking for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, I started my first “Inspiration Folder.” I know, I should have made one a long time ago. It finally got to the point where I can’t remember everything that I wanted to remember… and I just need a little picture and help here and there. I will show you guys what I got maybe some other time.

Here’s an outfit I wore last week. I believe it was the day of the storm in NYC and I eventually had to change to jeans later on that day.

(Top: Forever21, Cardigan and Scarf: H&M, Skirt: Thrifted)