The Not-So Simple-Minded

19 Oct

Life has a funny way of playing tricks with you sometimes. Lately I’ve encountered many events that triggered memories from the past. Certain people and actions and simple small talks lead me to reminisce about the past. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to dwell on things, it’s just good and bad memories come rushing to my mind.

Chatting with some of my best friends brought me back to the High School days. Life was much simpler with just them. I miss how easily satisfied I was a few years ago when sitting all day at the Chinese take-out place and just chatting was considered fun. Nowadays everyone always has to have “something to do.” You ask people to come out and chill, and they’d always ask “what are we doing?” I also miss the days where I could talk on the phone with someone for hours and not just because I needed something. Those long hours of phone conversations brought people closer like I could never achieve with text messages and Instant Messaging.

I’m just pondering a lot like I always do. I see myself bringing back some of those meanings to my life. Talking to my girls definitely helps me clear my head.

So Faux fur is chic this season. I hopped on this bandwagon and thrifted this fur vest for only $15 on my first thrift shopping experience in Albany that I mentioned a while back. I like it a lot but it’s just hard to style. So here’s what I came up with…

(Top and Shorts: F21, Vest and Belt: Thrifted, Oxfords: H&M, Knee High Socks: HK)

I’m looking forward to Halloween. I’m going to party at Buffalo this weekend! Guess what I’m going to be? 🙂


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