Is It Really the End of Journalism?

8 Feb

Besides my usual fashion/beauty related posts, I will also be using this blog for my Journalism class this semester. You will be reading random posts here and there that concerns the topics I’m discussing in class and my response to the various readings assigned.

It is rather sad to think that there’s an end to newspapers and the whole idea of journalism as a profession. Michael Gerson’s article “Journalism’s Slow, Sad Death” depicts the decline of the newspaper industry. Gerson talks about mediums such as the internet, the cable news network, and the new generation of bloggers that he believes are to blame for the slow decline. Our new generation no longer rely on the daily news in printed form to acquire the latest news. News itself has evolved overtime from the traditionally once a day in newspapers and twice a day on television, to the now explosion of events almost every second of the day. Through mediums such as twitter, Facebook, and blogs, non-profession “journalist” are able to report news from anywhere in the world at any given time.

With the new ways of producing news, we are wiping out the careers of journalists; those who went to school to learn the ethnics and oblige by the rules, those that do their fact-checking and find reliable sources for their news reporting. What we are seeing now are a flood of information on internet blogs that may or may not have accurate information. Many readers that get their news online are looking into websites that favor their own biases and they are not getting the objectivity that they deserve. It gets even worst when it comes to television. The new generation of people care more for entertainment than objective hardcore news. Internet sites that go along with these networks provide very little actual news but rather, they have open comments and forums for the public to debate upon. With so little verification, people can take fabrications and opinions as facts. Even if newspapers move into online content, Gerson’s article mentioned that a recent poll found that 80 percent of Americans actually refuses to pay for Internet content.

The article was quite interesting. However, Gerson simply lays out the problems without providing any actual solutions. I know that the print industry is dying, but I wish he dug a little deeper and enlighten the new breed of journalists such as myself as to what’s to be done.


2 Responses to “Is It Really the End of Journalism?”

  1. Emily February 8, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    You should double check your grammar 😛 I think it’s quite sad as well :/

  2. katie February 21, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    as if!

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