Fashionista NYC — Uniting NYC Fashion Lovers Since 2011

2 May

Below is my crowdsourcing idea for my AJRL475 class. (This is not a real website.)


Fashionista NYC is a social media platform for fashion bloggers dedicated to connect stylish trendsetters in the New York City area. This is a place for fashion lovers to unite and organize group meet-ups and other fashion related events. Fashionista NYC is not only an online community, we are also making chic happenings all over NYC.


Features include profiles for each member, event pages, the Fashionista NYC official blog and links. There will also be a rewards program and a blogger of the month.

  • Within every member profile page, bloggers would be able to link back to their personal blog, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • The event pages are divided into sub-categories that include: Dinners, Parties, Fashion Shows, Blog Sales/Trades, and Miscellaneous. Members can comment, like, and share event information through other social media platforms.
  • The links page would be reserved for the blogger of the month and an archive would be available to view the winners of previous months.
  • For every event a blogger attends, he/she will receive 5 points; when 100 points are accumulated, a gift card of their choosing will be rewarded worth $50. (Winning blogger of the month will be rewarded 10 points.)
  • The Fashionista NYC official blog will be maintained by the staff which will be myself and random guest bloggers of my choosing. (This is unpaid.)


  1. You must be invited by a member in order to become a member. This is an exclusive community. (This idea came from Your other option would be to request an invite in which a form will be filled out and reviewed by the Fashionista NYC staff. (You must be a fashion blogger with an active blog living in the NYC area.)
  2. When posting an event, make sure it is filed under it’s respective sub-category. Date, time and place must be provided. Themes are optional.
  3. There will be no more than 2 events posted under each sub-category at one time until those events are over.
  4. You must RSVP to an event a week in advance to guarantee event entrance. (This idea of RSVP to an event is from However the options here are only “YES” or “NO.”)
  5. Members are allowed to bring one guest to each event but the guest name must be provided when you RSVP.
  6. After the event, all participants should upload photos that they took during that particular event to it’s event page.


The site will be mostly funded through advertisements. Advertisements would include venues that bloggers may possibly want to gather for their meet-ups, and fashion brands that may be of interest. Companies with large fashion events coming up such as New York Fashion Week or Fashions Night Out can also pay to advertise on the site. The fee for a side advertisement will be $25 a month or $250 a year for a better deal. Large pop-up advertisements will be $50 a month; however these will be random since there would be only one pop-up ad every time a user logs onto the site.


  • As a blogger myself, it is often very difficult for me to find like-minded people that enjoys the same love for fashion as I do. I can talk about fashion all I want to my own friends, but it’s definitely going in one ear and out the other. This would not be the case when it comes to other fashion bloggers. Fashionista NYC provides the platform for all the chic dressers to come together and share their passions.
  • Venues may choose to offer deals to our bloggers if we have a large number of attendance for an event. Deals can be special pricing for drinks or discounted pricing for the renting of the venue if it’s a party or other large scale events.
  • Clothing brands can offer discounts to site members if we purchase up to a certain amount. Some of the brands can even come to out event to showcase their products to the bloggers which may really benefit the brand and help them acquire more customers.


The site will be very exclusive but will slowly become a larger community. It would start with about 25 bloggers which I will send personal invites to. These 25 bloggers then can invite other blogger friends. Some of them will be invited to feature and write for the Fashionista NYC blog which will help them promote their own name. They will be prompted to tweet, blog, and talk about our site through other social medias. The site itself will have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account to promote the New York City Fashionistas coming together to share our passions and to inspire others.


3 Responses to “Fashionista NYC — Uniting NYC Fashion Lovers Since 2011”

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  2. Ginger May 13, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

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