Looking Forward

6 May

Next week is graduation. I’m not exactly in panic-mode but it’s pretty damn close. I don’t think anyone can ever tell when I’m in my panic-mode though, because it’s not a side of myself that I show very often unless you know me really well. But yes, I AM PANICKING. I don’t have a job lined up like I envisioned. I don’t even have solid interviews lined up except for an interview for an unpaid internship. UNPAID for Godsakes! I have not figured out a good living situation once I move home. Everything seems like it’s going to crumble the second I put my tassel to the other side.

This is not what I saw years ago when I dreamed of my college graduation. I need a Plan B, quick. I’m just going to go on vacation and spend whatever money I have left in my bank account. Then I will proceed to bum around at home until I cannot face it anymore and when reality hits me in the face, I will shed that pride I have and beg for a job from whatever relative or connections I have ever made in my entire 21 years of life. Yes, that sure sounds like a plan.

If only I’m that type of person who would really do the above. smh.

Okay… back to job-hunting. I am going to Miami for a few days in June though. 🙂


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