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Product of the Aimee Factory: Emily

24 Jun

It’s my cousin Emily’s prom day and I was of course, her chosen stylist! (I think I did her hair & makeup for almost every large event.)

Well here’s the product:



Today is a Perfect Day for a Perfect Day

28 Feb

*All images via Tumblr

Loving The Cooler Weather

2 Aug

It’s been so breezy these past few days. Hope it stays this way because I get more options with my wardrobe. =] This entry is not an outfit post though. It’s a face of the day post! I have not done one in a while so here goes. I’m using a really old palette that I don’t even remember where it’s from. The label has been rubbed off.

By the way, I don’t wear fake lashes just in case you were wondering. I use Kiehls mascara that keeps my lashes healthy.

I’m having dinner with the cousins tomorrow at St.Marks. Connie is going off to college soon so it might be our last time in a long time.

I want to go see Inception! Someone take me please!