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Looking Forward

6 May

Next week is graduation. I’m not exactly in panic-mode but it’s pretty damn close. I don’t think anyone can ever tell when I’m in my panic-mode though, because it’s not a side of myself that I show very often unless you know me really well. But yes, I AM PANICKING. I don’t have a job lined up like I envisioned. I don’t even have solid interviews lined up except for an interview for an unpaid internship. UNPAID for Godsakes! I have not figured out a good living situation once I move home. Everything seems like it’s going to crumble the second I put my tassel to the other side.

This is not what I saw years ago when I dreamed of my college graduation. I need a Plan B, quick. I’m just going to go on vacation and spend whatever money I have left in my bank account. Then I will proceed to bum around at home until I cannot face it anymore and when reality hits me in the face, I will shed that pride I have and beg for a job from whatever relative or connections I have ever made in my entire 21 years of life. Yes, that sure sounds like a plan.

If only I’m that type of person who would really do the above. smh.

Okay… back to job-hunting. I am going to Miami for a few days in June though. 🙂


What We Call Life

22 Jan

I’ve been getting too lazy to update. Although I am consistent with my journal, it’s hard for me to keep up with this blog especially since it’s winter and it’s simply too cold for me to do any outfit posts. All you’re getting out of me from now until probably March will just be lifestyle entries. Hope that’s not too shabby. 🙂

It’s strange how unpredictable life can be. It certainly brings numerous possibilities and it strikes you when you least expect it. Many people say that the best things in the world are sudden encounters, not those moments when you’re searching or actively looking. I have testified to this theory as of late and found it to be true and ladies and gentlemen, that is the serendipity of life.

On any day you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever.”  –How I met your mother


30 Nov

Sorry I’ve been on a hiatus for a while. Life has just been really stressful lately, mostly from school work though so no worries. Everything else is fine and dandy. haha. =] The weather is freezing. I wake up everyday not wanting to get out of bed due to the cold.

My Thanksgiving break was wonderful; I hope all you lovely people enjoyed yours as well. I have so much in my life to be thankful for. Honestly, I think every little thing including those unpleasant aspects is worth-while. I won’t go into details but life is full of ups and downs and I can say it all leads to something. I just hope it’s going to be fabulous.

A few eventful things since I last blogged:
– I missed the launch of Lavin for H&M
– Kappa Phi Lambda kicked ass at our annual Asian Show at Albany
– I joined the Black Friday craze as I do every year and Cyber Monday as well
– I had Peter Luger for the first time over Thanksgiving break and it’s definitely banging
– I’m currently making plans for my birthday and a cruise in January! 🙂

So that’s the update on life. I’m yearning for the semester to end already. I feel like my mind is somewhere in a tropical island chilling and waiting for my body to follow.

I swear an outfit post is coming soon. I apologize since that’s what my blog is for but it’s just so freaking cold outside…

By the way, anyone brought anything good this week?